Marco Burak

Marco has always composed empirically, drawing inspiration from any music he finds compelling. Since 2002, he has mainly applied novelist W.O. Mitchell's free fall method (Mitchell's Messy Method) to his efforts. After allowing his imagination to find its own path (sometimes to strange and unexpected places), Marco edits, refining and tempering the music. He creates music that is dynamic and flexible, ranging from simple and direct, to complex and abstract. He is open to any technique including minimalism, popular idioms, as well as archaic forms as a means to achieving a particular effect or expression. Above all, he strives to write music that is beautiful, though not necessarily 'pretty'.

Marco completed a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition at the University of Alberta. He received inspirational grounding in harmony and voice-leading from Gerhard Krapf, instruction in composition from Peter Landy and Alfred Fisher. From Malcolm Forsyth, Marco learned orchestration, and practical lessons in score preparation. His piano teachers were Ernesto Lejano and Alexandra Munn.

At Western University in London, Ontario, Marco completed a Master of Music in Composition where he studied with composers Peter Paul Koprowski and Alan Heard and was awarded the George Proctor Memorial Award.

Marco makes his home in Stratford, Ontario, Canada with his wife, composer and writer Michelle Wells and Winnie the Cat. He currently works as assistant organist at Zion Lutheran Church in Stratford. Marco is also co-founder of "MMMM-Composers in Concert".